Retail Range




Aitsa Ventures is ideally based in Singapore and from the Red Dot we spread the goodness of Southern Africa to South East Asia.  In a very short period of time, we have brought  World Class products to the Retail Market and continuously strive to expand on our ranges.  

The Aitsa team has carefully selected a wide range of delicious products that boast of high quality, unique flavours and stylish packaging. We supply only the best to the Retail Market and Food Service Industry, guaranteeing satisfaction and quality.     

We do encourage consumers new to the goodness of Souther Africa flavours to try our products.  Trust us, you will be back for more!  Find them in your favourite store or let us know if you don’t spot them on the shelf.



A vibrant blend of cultures and flavours on the tip of Africa, on the top of the tongue. Cape Herb & Spice Company is situated in beautiful Cape Town at the most South-Western tip of Africa.  Founded in 1994, this customised built state of the art Herb and Spice Industry is regarded as a Global Leader and adhere to the highest International Food Safety Standards.  At Cape Herb & Spice Company, they pride themselves on their motivated and expert Workforce that strive to deliver the best Herb and Spice Products Ranges in the World. 


Ina Paarman’s Kitchen products were mindfully formulated while keeping the busy home cook in mind. Each product in the range enables any home cook to instantly add the gourmet touch & aromatic flavour to any dish, making for the perfect companion in the kitchen. Whether you are a novice or experienced home cook, with the help of Ina Paarman your family, friends and even you kids will be wowed with the delicious and healthy meals prepared by you in record time! 



The Mantelli’s Biscuit Factory nestles in a picturesque valley beneath the Constantiaberg Mountains close to Cape Town, South Africa.  Privately ownedMantelli’s was established in 1988 with the sole objective of producing world class premium biscuits and cookies on the Market.



In 1852 when the SS Quanza was shipwrecked off East London, South Africa, en route from Canada to Australia, Captain Adkins and his wife were lucky to escape with not only their lives but also the blueprint for what was to become one of South Africa’s most unique and priceless culinary icons. Making the best of their situation, Captain Adkins and his wife settled in King Williamstown. In 1865 their daughter, Amelia, was born. She was later to marry Mr Herbert Sandleton Ball, a railway superintendent from Cape Town. As part of her coming of age, the young bride was given the coveted secret chutney recipe.  And the rest as they say:   “is history!”


Corfu, Greece  is where Neolea was born. Corfu’s history is rich, overflowing with the legacy of ruling cultures as diverse as Corinthian, Roman, Byzantine and French. Having been under Venetian rule for many centuries, the Italian influence on the architecture, language, and cuisine of Corfu is profound. Together, they pioneered the cultivation of olive trees in Corfu. Today, Corfu boasts more than four million olive trees and Neolea is proud to share in this precious gift of nature.Neolea extends Corfu’s promise of rich experience and pure flavours.  This promise starts from the Farmers that grow the olives and maintain the very best quality in products for Neolea.




red espresso® is a delicious full-flavoured espresso made from pure Rooibos tea. Naturally caffeine-free, with powerful immune-boosting antioxidants, it is the healthiest alternative to coffee that can be enjoyed on its own with honey or as a cappuccino or latte when added to milk. It also makes a deliciously healthy homemade iced tea.




Sally Williams Nougat began with a mysterious journey to Marrakesh and inspired South African Chef Sally Williams, to recreate the flavoured Nougat on offer.  Spending years to master the art of creating exceptional Nougat and still up to date, making it entirely by hand in small batches for the perfect Nougat experience.