Corfu, Greece  is where Neolea was born. Corfu’s history is rich, overflowing with the legacy of ruling cultures as diverse as Corinthian, Roman, Byzantine and French. Having been under Venetian rule for many centuries, the Italian influence on the architecture, language, and cuisine of Corfu is profound. Together, they pioneered the cultivation of olive trees in Corfu. Today, Corfu boasts more than four million olive trees and Neolea is proud to share in this precious gift of nature.Neolea extends Corfu’s promise of rich experience and pure flavours.  This promise starts from the Farmers that grow the olives and maintain the very best quality in products for Neolea.

Climate, soil quality and the right care for the trees are the secret ingredients to Neolea’s flavour. Neolea’s olive oil originates from the Koroneiki and Lianolia varieties. Following the age-old traditions of Corfiot producers, we reject all use of sprays and our farmers protect their olive trees solely by using natural methods. By accepting only handpicked fruit, we ensure that only the healthiest olives are selected. Once picked, the olives are immediately transferred to the olive oil mill ensuring that there is no loss of quality during transport.

We believe that the shortest route from harvest to the bottle is essential to achieving the finest quality. Pressing the olive fruit takes place as fast as possible after the olives are picked. The  mill uses modern equipment, using low pressure and protecting the fruit from high temperatures. A process known as First Cold Extraction is used and takes place in low temperatures of below 27 degrees and without any chemical additives to extend or alter the oil – thus preserving the fruit’s rich natural endowment of nutrients and natural antioxidants. At the moment of the first press, the oil’s acidity is low and its aromatic qualities are at their finest. The extra fine taste of Neolea olive oil is transferred directly into every bottle and further preserved by avoiding exposure to light.

 In Greek, Neolea means youth which perfectly reflects the health benefits of their olive oil and their total commitment to always serve an all-natural product of superb quality, in each and every bottle.  Their olive oil is 100% pure, produced from olive of the Koroneiki variety by cold extraction in order to preserve all its nutritional elements and taste. 

Well balanced medium fruitiness, bitterness, and pungency. Rich aromatic profile with notes of olive leaves, green herbs, cut grass, and artichoke.


High-quality 500ml glass bottle painted white, shielding the olive oil from UV light

Screen printed label

Olive Wooden stopper + flow control

Acidity level of ± 0,4

Olive oil from Koroneiki Variety

100% fresh and pure, new harvest every December

Produced by first cold extraction

Produced and bottled in Kalamata, Greece