Cape Herb & Spice



A vibrant blend of cultures and flavours on the tip of Africa, on the top of the tongue. Cape Herb & Spice Company is situated in beautiful Cape Town at the most South-Western tip of Africa.  Founded in 1994, this customised built state of the art Herb and Spice Industry is regarded as a Global Leader and adhere to the highest International Food Safety Standards.  At Cape Herb & Spice Company, they pride themselves on their motivated and expert Workforce that strive to deliver the best Herb and Spice Products Ranges in the World. 

Curry Tins


These Elegant Sprinkle Tins are easy to use and easy on the Eye.

Available:  75 g tins

Flavours:  Ghost Chilli, Sriracha Chilli, Chipotle Chilli, Piri Piri Chilli. 




Grinders are the Heart and Soul of Cape Herb & Spice.  

Available:  Various Sizes 

Flavours:  Various exciting flavours available.



Grinders – Standard  tall-grinder-himalayan-pink-salt
Sea Salt

110 g

Pink Salt

110 g

Tropical Pepper

45 g

Black Pepper

50 g

Chilli Addict

35 g

Garlic Addict

40 g

Chicken Seasoning

50 g

BBQ Steak Seasoning

45 g

Lamb Seasoning

55 g

Season it All

50 g

FB Lemon pepper grinder

55 g

FB Italian grinder

40 g

FB Fish grinder

55 g

FB Thai grinder

70 g

Grinders – Mini  mini-twin-set
Mini Twinset

110 g

Grinders – Tall  tall-grinder-black-peppercorns
Sea Salt

360 g

Black Peppercorns

185 g

Sweet & Smoky BBQ

230 g

Pink Salt

390 g

Salt & Pepper mix

310 g

Seasoned salt

240 g

Exotic Spice Boxes


These one-stop Meal Solutions are great inspiration for a Quick and Easily prepared Recipe Dish.

Available: 50 g packs 

Flavours: Exotic Butter Chicken Spice, Exotic Chinese 5 Spice, Exotic Cape Malay Curry Spice, Exotic Thai 7 Spice, Exotic Taco Spice, Exotic Moroccan Spice, Exotic Korma, Exotic Vindaloo, Exotic Rogan Josh and Exotic Smoked paprika


Spices of Origins


From the Western Ghants of Southern India to the Topics of South America. These heady Spices are then packed in Foil Sachets with easy to store lock seals to preserve flavours and colours

Available: Various sizes 

Flavours: Cardamom Pods, Bouquet Garni, Yellow Mustard Seeds, Star Anise, Caraway Seeds, Mustard Powder, Cinnamon Quills, Cumin seeds and Coriander Ground.


Pack Size

Cardamom Pods

15 g

Bouquet Garni

10 g

Yellow Mustard Seeds

50 g

Star Anise

10 g

Caraway Seeds

25 g

Mustard Powder

40 g

Cinnamon Quills

20 g

Cumin seeds

20 g

Coriander Ground

35 g



Freeze Dried Herbs


Herbs are flash freeze-dried  at harvest time, retaining their colour and flavour. Dried Herbs offer the following advantages:  A longer shelf life than fresh herbs, all year availability, an economic solution as they can be used for more than one dish, convenient storage given the re-sealable foil sachets.

Available: 5 g sachets

Flavours:  Curry Leaves, Dill, French Tarragon, Coriander Leaves and sages.



Fruit and Spice Pastes 


 A range of Pure Fruit and Spices Pastes with no Preservatives, no added MSG, Water, Starch, Artificial Colours or Flavours.

Available: 100 g sachets 

Flavours:  South African Spice, Mediterranean Spice, Portuguese Spice, Thai Spice Paste.



Rub Shaker Tins 


These Elegant Sprinkle Tins are easy to use and easy on the Eye

Available: 100 g tin

Flavours: Mediterranean Roast, Portuguese Peri Peri, Texan Steakhouse, Lousiana Cajun, Asian Stirfry, Caribbean jerk, Garam Masala and Madras Curry.


Tall Shaker Seasonings


We offer a range of everyday Seasonings in Large, Modern, High-Quality Pet Containers with easy Sprinkle Caps. 


Pack Size

Salt & Pepper Shaker

390 g

Spicy Chip Shaker

360 g

Smoky BBQ Shaker

265 g

Sweet & Sticky Chic Shaker

275 g

Garlic & Herb Shaker

270 g

Potjie and Stew Shaker

265 g

Lemon and black pepper shaker

290 g

Steak and chops shaker

270 g